I started working at Animal House in February of 2016. I have had been wanting to work in the veterinary field for a very long time but thought that you had to be a certified technician. When I saw that position for a receptionist I applied right away and thought that it would be a great position to introduce me into veterinary work.

I became a veterinary professional because I have always loved animals and wanted to learn more about the veterinary field.

I have always wanted to help animals since I was a little girl. I used to bring home any cat or dog I could find without a collar and my mom would have to tell me that they were probably someone else’s pet. I would still give them a bath and feed and water them and they would eventually go back home or someone would come and find them. I just wanted to make sure they were safe.

I think the best part of my job is knowing that I play a role in the care that we provide to our clients and their pets. I love when I can help make somebody’s day better and that I am there for them when they need help with their loved ones.

I am from Anchorage, Alaska and I moved to Fairbanks when I was 5 years old. I have lived here ever since. I grew up in Fairbanks and North Pole with my parents and my siblings. I always had a dog growing up. Our last family dog was a Boxer named Angel and she just passed away about a year ago. I loved riding horses, going on runs with my dog and playing soccer.

I have an eight year old daughter and we had two dogs. One passed away a couple years ago at eight years old. He was an American Bulldog named Havoc. It has been my daughter’s mission the past year or so to get a new puppy.

I am interested in learning more about the veterinary field and to continue working with Dr. Dee and Animal House to ensure that all the animals get the best care and to make sure that we are here for our clients.

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