I started Here at Noah’s Ark in January of 2008. I was working a job at UAF. A friend of mine who was working here told me they had an opening. I happily made the change to work with animals.

I have a special spot for My own dogs who were adopted at about 8 years of age, and ended up going from “the list to amazing special dogs. Blueberry was my first training dog out of school she will also always hold a special part in my life. However my current happy tail is miss puppers.

Puppers (Aria) originally came to us at daycare due to her dad being sent out for training and her mom having a demanding medical job and needing somewhere to burn off energy. Her first day here she picked fights with other dogs and bit a hole, luckily in my sweater. When I had to tell her mom about it. She was obviously pretty upset. However I was able to offer hope in the option of training. She had always done really well listening to her dad, but had a bit of a dominant streak with others.

We started training that same week, she would come in a few times a week work on her manners and her behavior with other dogs and new people. Once the “hard work” was done her mom wanted to make sure she was able to continue the work at home. She went through a basic obedience class that she aced. She even took home a special prize and her diploma. She is now one of happy regulars here at Muttessori. She now gets to enjoy her loving forever family and gets to join in all the fun activities she may have otherwise missed out on.

I have earned two certificates while I have been at Muttessori. One for a basic online course from Penn Foster. As well as my national certification from National K9 in Columbus Ohio.

Honestly I love being able to help someone who is ready to give up and be able to offer them a solution to a problem that makes it so their dog is a permanent member of the family. I also love that no matter the kind of day i have I can always go into my dog yard and have all my kids run up to greet me and love me.

I came from a large family, Me and 2 of my brothers grew up in California and Alaska. My other siblings have pretty much lived life in Alaska. I have 5 siblings. Kevin my older brother who has always been my superhero. My younger brother Cody, who with his beautiful wife has made me into a Auntie. My awesome nephew Hunter is one of the coolest kids I know and I will always be his Auntie Pancakes. Fallowed by Jack Who is currently serving in the Navy. My youngest brother Jordan who is currently Working to become a welder in Seattle. And last but not least My Beautiful little sister Who is in her sophomore year in highschool. I have an amazing hard working mother who without I never would have had such amazing company around. Even if I couldn’t have quiet. I also have amazing aunts and uncles, and cousins.

My family now Is me and my boyfriend. We play D&D, art and getting out and about with dogs and family. Our kids pretty much make a small zoo. We have Rick James ( my little superstar) a 14 year old pomeranian, Caesar a 8 year old German Shepard. Roonie a cranky old kitty. Snacks a feisty little chinchilla, Elvis a rose hair tarantula, Peaches a bearded dragon, Jordan a leopard gecko, and two the iguana.

I like a lot of art. I paint, draw, bead, cross stitch, sew work with clay, and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on. I enjoy hiking with the dogs and traveling around Alaska with my dogs, and visiting my family that isn’t up here.

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