Nicole Legerat – Hospital Administrator

Many moons ago I was working in the human dental field. Dr Dee was a patient and we had gotten familiar with each other over the years. One day Dr Dee came in fussing that her bookkeeper was retiring and she didn’t know what she was going to do. My ears perked up because I need a change! I applied for the job, the following day. I had a working interview and started July 2002 and have never regretted it! It’s not so different from running a dental office to a veterinary hospital, boarding facility and daycare!

My job description is very boring. Accounting, OSHA-sharps certified, human resources, inventory control, data processing, budget control and customer relations. The real scoop is that I fill in and help out in every area. I won’t ask any employee to do something I have not done myself. I scoop poop walk dogs in the rain or at forty below, assist with radiographs, surgery, or a simple blood draw. The challenge comes when there is a dog that is terrified and needs extra time to adjust. I take my reading or light paperwork and sit with them in the kennel. It may take a few times but they usually find their way to my lap!

My days are filled with challenges, heart breaks and love for animals and many of my clients. In the off time I spend my time with my husband Paul of 23 years, our beautiful daughters Victoria and Veronica, two Doberman Pincher, two cats and about 30 fish! Between 4 wheeling, cresting the snow capped summit on our Skidoo, taunting the fish in our boat and living life to the fullest there isn’t much else left!

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