I have been working in boarding for about 4 years, I got a call one day from the manager who was a family friend and she pretty much told me I start work tomorrow. At first I thought it was going to be super easy and playing with dogs all day. Within a week it became clear that was not the case, it’s hard work but it’s worth it.

Seeing all the different animals and meeting all these amazing people. The best part of my job is definitely seeing a dog come in and board for a while and then watching them get picked up to go home, seeing a dog that excited to see their owner makes it all worth it, I do my job for the animals.

One animal that has impacted me personally was Bogart. He was an Airdale Terrier and an absolute sweetheart, by far my favorite dog. I first met him when him and his brother Riley came in to board for a month or so. While they were boarding they both were quite the characters, always ready to play and alway barking to get attention. I was sad so see them go home, a few months later I heard Riley had to be put down and Bogie was really upset about it. Bogie came in to board again a month later, he was not himself at all, he missed his partner in crime. As he was with us longer I could see his old self coming back and he was doing really well again. He was getting older but he never let that slow him down. We didn’t see Bogart for awhile, it seemed like forever, I happened to be in the clinic one day and saw him come in. He had lost so much weight and I then found out he had cancer, there was nothing anyone could do to help him. There was a family emergency and they needed to board Bogart again, he was getting progressively worse day by day. When he stopped walking and wouldn’t eat we knew this was it. Bogarts owners were called and they gave us the okay to put him to sleep. I sat in the room with him for what felt like hours just telling him he is a good boy and it’s going to be over soon. I don’t think I have ever cried so hard over someone else’s dog in my life. Bogart and Riley were amazing dogs and I’m glad I got to be apart of their lives.

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